How can escape from Google Sanbox?

By | 11 September 2012

Google Sandbox effect is quite real and causes much angst for owners of new websites. Nobody likes to have their content overlooked because their site isn’t indexed yet.

Escape From Google Sanbox

Google sanbox effect is if your site disappear from Google site, even you see your pages indexed, but you cannot rank well even for you company name. In the beginning you get better and better rankings for your keywords and suddenly your site will fall. If you start to build your backlinks too quickly your website will fall in the sandbox. This usually happens after a few weeks from the moment when Googlebot first time visits your website.

Google Sandbox is the mythical place where newly-published websites go before they are indexed. Until Google indexes a website, it will not show up on any search engine results pages. If it doesn’t show up in search engine results, traffic to your website will likely be limited. It can take weeks before Google sends its spiders to index your new website.

There is a few ways How can escape from Google Sanbox and get your website’s URL showing up in search engine results pages.


  1. Create an account on Youtube, but this takes less than five minutes if you already have a Google account and can read the Terms of Use.
  2. Create a video for upload to your Youtube account.
  3. Make a good title easy-to-search keyword for your video and make sure the title representative of the content of the video.
  4. Upload your video to YouTube via the account you created
  5. Embed your video on your website

Here is how, Google owns YouTube and video is a powerful, and Google seems to give preference to YouTube videos. Most videos posted to YouTube are indexed very rapidly by Google. If your URL is in the description, it will get included in Google’s index and will show up if typed into Google as a specific search query (it will not show up otherwise if it is not yet indexed).

Make a good content and good links

Create a goof contents and full of information with good quality links. Try leaving a link to DMOZ and other reputable websites. And don’t forget to make a backlink websites with extensions .edu, .gov and .mil because they are useful to create a good impression to your website.

Manage your inbound links

As more reputable sites link to yours, the sandbox period will shorten. Don’t use sites that promise thousands of inbound links since this will have the opposite effect. Do not rush the creation of backlinks. Google will definitely think that something weird and fishy is going on if your site acquired thousands of inbound links in just three days and will lead to being sandboxed.

Longtail Keyword

As with any good SEO practices, using less common keywords is another way to achieve better results during the aging process. The percentage of interested traffic will be higher and all of that affects how Google interprets a website. Even if the keywords are eventually changed to more competitive ones, good traffic will have been initiated much earlier to help build the reputation of any site. Focus on long tail keywords with less competition. If SEO is done properly, this will be sufficient to attract the visitors to your website. Above all, do not over optimize you site and avoid stuffing keywords.

So how long does Google sandbox last? And How can escape from Google Sanbox? It depends on the popularity of the keywords you are targeting. The more competitive keywords are the longer time will stay your website in the sandbox. There is no fixed time for Escape From Google Sanbox.