Brawijaya International Conference In Accounting And Business

By | 4 February 2013

Department of Accounting Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya  proudly presents “Brawijaya International Conference In Accounting And Business” that will be conducted on August 29-31 2013 in Batu, East Java Indonesia.

The theme, as well as the main objective, of the conference is dedicated to “Enhancing the contribution of accounting and business for better governance, society and environment”. This aim is inspired from the fact that accounting used in business currently has become a prominent governance instrument to accelerate decision making process which may affect the sustainability of the society as well as the environment. It is expected that the conference will be a beneficial and fruitful dissemination forum for accounting and business academics and practitioners who have magnificent concerns for the next generation.

Therefore, empirical and theoretical papers in the areas of accounting and business, especially those in relation, but not limited to, the topic of governance and corporate social responsibility, are invited to be presented and discussed in this conference.

Met The Speakers:

  1. Keynote Speakers
    • Craig Deegan
      Is a Professor of Financial Accounting within the School of Accounting, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. His major research area is in social and environmental accountability, financial accounting and financial accounting theory. He has received international reputation in these areas as his papers as well as his books have been widely used around the world.
    • Ali Darwin
      Is the president of National Centre for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR), an Indonesia independent organization which comprise of corporations, organizations and professional individuals with the vision and commitment in implementing and developing sustainable development in Indonesia.
  2. Business Talk Speakers
    • Edi Rumpoko
    • Sandiaga S. Uno
    • La Nyalla Mattalitti

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